Items of potential interest to each one of us.....

( If you have a NEWS item to share with our Class of '61 classmates, please send it to me, Dave Kay, for posting on this page  ~~  see the "CONTACT INFORMATION" Tab above )

30 October 2017

More sad news, unfortunately.  Just learned that Romy Biancardi's dear wife passed away this weekend.  Romy wrote the following:

It is with deepest sympathy that I announce the passing of my beloved wife Gloria Biancardi, who died Friday, 10/27, at home in Benton, AR.  She was 71 and had suffered for a number of years from a form of Parkinson's called PSP (Progressive Supraneuclear Palsy).  Besides myself, she leaves behind 7 sisters, 2 sons, 4 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.  By her wishes, her body is being donated and utilized in research toward a cure for the disease that took her life.

We are so sorry to hear of your loss, Romy;  we wish you God's peace in the days and months ahead.

14 October 2017
So sad to report that our classmate Lisa Laut VanRossum passed away on October 14, in hospice care, in Charlotte N.C., her hometown. She had been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer just 4 months ago. At the time, Lisa had thought her hip pain (which kept her from traveling this past summer) was simply a flair up of inconvenient arthritis.  But, when her pain got so bad she could not sleep, she went to the Emergency Room, where - sadly - a CAT scan confirmed the presence of cancer. A PET scan further revealed that it had metastasized throughout her body. Lisa elected to forgo chemo that would only have lengthened her life by perhaps a month. Instead, she chose palliative care and hospice. She is now free of pain, and at peace. Lisa leaves to mourn, her children, Bob, Rita and Larry.  We will all miss her.

27 Aug 2017
Sad to let you all know that Jim Cooper's mom passed away this last week.  She was well into her 90s, and in failing health for awhile.  We are so sorry for your loss, Jim.

21 August 2017
Dave Kay (and family) traveled to the tiny town of Cross Hill, South Carolina, last week to view the Total Eclipse of the Sun.  Cross Hill was on the absolute center-line of the eclipse path, and we were fortunate to have mostly clear skies for the event.  Witnessing the eclipse was F--A--N--T--A--S--T--I--C.....!!!   Wow.  Amazing.  Did anyone else witness a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ?

04 August 2017
A number of weeks ago our classmate Vinny Piscitello sent us a photo which he'd received from a friend; the photo showed what recently happened during the on-going renovation of the old barn building on Prospect Street, located directly across from our high school building (the old building will become the new offices of the MP Board of Education).  When the construction people removed the heavy stucco facing from the old barn, they were amazed to discover the original Blom's Dairy logo still painted on the old wood, and still advertising "Milk and Cream".  Check it out...!! 

And many thanks to Vinny for bringing this photo to our attention.  :=)

P.S.  Vinny and his family are enjoying their new home in Bellingham (near Seattle), in Washington State.  Stay cool, Vinny, and stay dry !!

02June 2017

Just got this note from our classmate, Orrie Smith:
"I would like to the class to know that I am going to Africa on June 9, 2017.  The trip will be a 10 day photo safari.  The trip will be entirely in Tanzania.  The itinerary includes the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area including the Ngorongoro Crater.  I can share details on preperation and trip experience with anyone who is interested.  Wish me luck because I have never traveled internationaly.  Will have more news on my return."
Have a great trip, Orrie....!!

25 October 2016

What a delight to report to all of you, our classmates, that Pat Rizzuto recently presented a check from our MPHS1961 Class to his local chapter of Viet Nam Vets.  The check for $500 represents the extra funds collected at our recent reunion and was given in memory of our classmate and friend Alan Zimmerman.  The check is to be used to help in the ongoing construction of the Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sparta, NJ.  A brick with Alan's name and date of service will be placed on the walkway of honor.  Pat also included a copy of Alan's obituary in his presentation to the Vets. Again, THANK YOU from the reunion committee for your generosity which enabled this donation to take place. This a very worth-while cause which benefits all vets and is the only cemetery for vets in the northern part of the state.

Thank you, Pat, for your caring thoughtfulness in doing this on our behalf.

02 October 2016

Thank you to Dick Eldridge for sending me an internet link to the recent publication of Tom Smith's Obituary on the website.  Attached below is a copy of that obituary, with final arrangements for Tom.
Via con Dios, Tom.....

Thomas David SMITH
Published: Record, The (Hackensack, NJ), October 1, 2016

SMITH, Thomas David -- age 73 of Rockford, MI died Thursday, September 29, 2016. Born in Teaneck, NJ he lived in Rockford, MI for 50 years.  Before his retirement Tom was a Teacher for the Northview Public Schools and taught in the Highland Middle School.   He was a member of the Rockford Reformed Church, and a member of the Rockford Sportsman Club, an instructor for the NRA, a mentor for the Rockford School's Systems, Kent County Democratic Party and was involved with Adult Conservation Education program.  Surviving is his twin brother, Orrie Smith, and his sister, Mary Jo Gilmour, both of Midland Park, and his nephew, John Gilmour Jr.  He was predeceased by his parents, Orrie and Tryne Smith.  A Funeral Service will be held on Monday, October 3, at 10 am at the Vander Plaat Funeral Home, 257 Godwin Avenue, Wyckoff, NJ.   Interment will follow at George Washington Memorial Park, Paramus, NJ.  In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Rockford Ambulance, 8450 Shaner Avenue, NE, Rockford, MI 49341.

29 Sept 2016
It's with sorrow that we let you know of the passing of our classmate Tom Smith.   According to Dick Eldridge, Tom died this morning at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ.  Tom had significant health issues -- as many of us were aware -- some of which were visible when he courageously and happily attended our 55-yr class reunion a couple of weeks ago.  It was very good seeing him there;  kindly note that he's in some of the reunion photos now posted on the "55-Yr Class Reunion" tab pages (see top of page).  Via con Dios, Tom.

15 Sept 2016

What a wonderful time we had at the 55-yr reunion this past weekend (Sept 9-10-11) in North Jersey (Midland Park, Mahwah, Oakland, Allendale).  THANK YOU, Mary Anne Vetreno and Pat Rizzuto (and the other members of the Reunion Committee), for the many hours of hard work you put into organizing the events and making them happen....!  About 40 of our classmates (and their spouses and/or friends) attended one or more of the events;  and..... many of you took photos (which I hope you'll be willing to share with the rest of us).  Please check the "55-YR Class Reunion" tab (above) for photos that will be posted there in the coming weeks. 

23 April 2016
It is with sorrow that we've learned (from Denis Nadas) of the death of our classmate, Bob St. Cyr, in Portland, Oregon, about 16 months ago.  In 2014, Bob and Anne moved from their home on Long Island, NY (in Greenland) to Portland, Oregon, to be near their daughter, son-in-law and grand-daughter.  Shortly after the move, however, Bob began living in a nursing home because of his early-onset Alzheimer's disease.  Bob died on Dec. 1, 2014.

18 March 2016
So sorry to once again report the loss of one of our dear classmates.  Charlotte Joan Gibson passed away about a year ago, on April 26, 2015, in Miami Beach, Florida, apparently having succombed to cancer.  Friends who knew her well said that she had always been a kind, gentle and caring nurse, with a great sense of humor.  Her church had been Concordia Lutheran, in Miami, FL.   Rest in Peace, Charlotte.

22 November 2015

Pete Portley has let us know that a friend of his, Paul Chepurko, is writing a book: "Small Town, Big Sacrifice II" which is about all the men and women from Midland Park and Wyckoff who died in military service from WWI through the Vietnam Conflict.  In the book, each person has their own chapter, which gives a biography of that person, what they did, and where they died.  Paul states he has an extensive amount of information about our classmate, Alan Zimmerman, so that Alan's chapter is quite detailed.  In asking that we help spread the word about his book, Paul has provided us with his email address, if any of you wish to receive more information about the book, and perhaps get on Paul's distribution list.  Paul's email address:  <>.  Thanks, Peter, for forwarding this information to us.

02 November 2015
It is with great sadness that we inform you that our classmate, Bob Stracher, has himself passed away, after suffering a heart attack this last week.  As you can see below, it was just a few weeks ago that Bob Stracher's wife, Chris, passed away.  Bob and Chris were close friends of Fred and Kathy Wenz;  Fred just told me about this sad news.  Our deepest sympathy to you, Fred, and to your wife, Kathy, in this loss of two dear friends....................

16 October 2015

Fred Wenz informed us that Bob Stracher's wife, Christine, passed away on September 24.   Bob and Chris had been married for 46 years;  they had been close and long-time friends of Fred and Kathy, who lived nearby.  We are SO sorry for your deep personal loss, Bob (and yours, as well Fred & Kathy).

06 October 2015
$$$...... A great big THANK YOU to those of you who recently mailed a contribution to help me with the ongoing monthly maintenance fees for this MPHS1961 class website.  I really really appreciate your kind help.

28 September 2015
RE:  a possible 55-year Class Reunion

A month ago, I sent a class-wide email asking about possible interest in our Class of 1961 having a 55-yr reunion.  A number of class members replied to that email, and expressed interest in having a 55-yr class reunion, but (truth be told) -- not too many.  Some of the emails mentioned how busy people are, and the trips (and, in some cases, cruises) they will be going on in 2016.  BUT:  if there are classmates out there who want a 55-yr reunion, then maybe one of you would be willing to take the lead in organizing such an event.  So far, no-one has volunteered to take this on, but -- if I'm mistaken -- please let me know, so that I can post that information here.  (See "Contact Information" page for email address).

01 May 2015
Just learned from our classmate, Ron Moore, that a longtime Waldwick language-arts teacher, Mrs. Chiara, recently passed away (March 20, 2015), at the age of 93.  After graduating from Montclair State College in the late 1940's, she taught French and Spanish at a private school in Newark, then Belleville High School, and, after a few years, continued her career at Waldwick High School, where she taught for over 30 years and became the Head of Language Department.  Mrs. Chaira was also a 6th-grade homeroom teacher to many of us who attended the Waldwick Schools.  Those who wish to make donations in memory of Mrs. Chiara may do so to the American Heart Association, PO Box 417005, Boston, MA 02241-7005.

April 2015

Last month Joan Duby Simpson shared a bunch of original, old photos --  sent by old-fashioned snail mail for hi-res scanning, and then uploading into this website  It took awhile, but they are now published here for all of you to enjoy.  FYI:  a few of these photos are from our 50-yr-reunion in 2011 --  the rest from the '50s and '60s.  Also, just so you know, all of the photos were safely returned to Joan.  :=)

HOW TO SEE THESE GREAT PICS:  click on the "Vintage & Misc Photos" TAB in the far left-hand column, and -- after that page comes up -- go to the bottom of the left-hand column again, and click on the TAB:  "Vintage Pics from Joan Duby Simpson".  That should bring up a new page with all of these fascinating older photos.  Please let me know if you have any comments or corrections to any of the images and names posted there.  And, again -- THANK YOU, Joan, for sharing these great photos with us....!!!

26 October 2014
Sad news to report:  heard from Jim Cooper, and from Betty Nagelhout, that our classmate and friend Al Stonehouse passed away last week, Monday, Oct 20, of complications related to heart disease.  The funeral service was Saturday, October 25, at George Washington Cemetery in Paramus, NJ.  May you rest in peace, Stony.

09 October 2014
Dick Milnamow recently provided a brief update to his profile page -- mentioning how he has been involved in recruiting students into culinary careers, and in teaching chess to kids in after-school programs !! (Does George Gnade know about this???)  Way to go, Dick !  Check out this info on his updated CLASSMATE PROFILE page.

10/07/2014:    Joe Millington and his wife, Bonnie, recently moved from Montvale NJ to their new home in Toms River, NJ.  Joe asked that we let everyone know this.  You can find his new street address on his CLASSMATE PROFILE UPDATE page.  Drop him a line, and he'll also send you his email and telephone number....!

10/01/2014:    Donna Fiori just sent us an update to her personal profile page, and included a recent photo of herself, together with new contact information.  After living on the East Coast most of her life, with an active career in teaching and counseling at the high school level, she recently moved to the Panhandle area of Idaho to enjoy her retirement years in the woods of the Northwest!   You can see her new "bio" on our CLASSMATE PROFILE UPDATE pages.

10/01/2014:    It is with sadness that we let you know that Linda Knack Goff's husband, Michael, passed away on March 12th of this year.  Linda and Michael were married for over 50 years.  Photos of Linda and Michael shortly after they were married in August of 1963 or shown on Linda's CLASSMATE UPDATE PROFILE page, along with other pictures of their years together.  
We are so sorry for your loss, Linda.  You have our sincere sympathy.

September 2014   (3 years since our 50-yr class reunion !   Wow, where has the time flown ??)

(1)  9/30/2014:    Beverley Junta Hamilton provided an update to her personal profile page, with a wonderful family picture.  Did you know that she is still active as a legal assistant AND is into racing cars ?? (Not driving them, OWNING them.........)  Check out her bio and see.....!!

(2)  9/29/2014:   JOHN ZACCO let us know that he and his wife, Janet, have moved back to Waldwick, NJ, to be near their kids and grandkids.  Same email address, just different home address.

(3)  Denis Nadas and his wife, Connie, took a one-month biking-and-kayaking trip
to Western Canada, Vancouver, California and Colorado.  Pictures on his personal profile page.   Also, Mary Anne Wierdo Vetreno let us know that she and her hubby, Paul, have been traveling in France, the Baltic States and the Black Forest of Germany.

(4)  CHECK OUT THE NEW CLASSROOM PHOTOS FROM OUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DAYS !!!   Please help with putting names to our classmates if you would?  We were all there in one of those classroom pictures, so, ENJOY the memories.  :=)

(5)  ATTENTION CLASSMATES:   AT LEAST 15 OF OUR CLASSMATES REMAIN "MISSING"........  Of course, we will TOTALLY respect the privacy of any of our classmates who wish to remain anonymous and behind-the-scenes.   BUT -- if we are not reaching you/them simply because we lack the correct contact information, please consider sending us updated contact information.  PLEASE SEE "MISSING CLASSMATES" Tab at left to see who these "missing classmates" are.

March 2014

(1)  Denis Nadas informed us that he and his wife, Connie, took a one-month trip to visit his homeland of New Zealand ---  WAY "down under".  They enjoyed a true Southern SUMMER while we up here in the US were experiencing one of the coldest winters on record.  By the way, Denis turned 70 on the ferry which carried them from the South Island to Wellington, his last NZ home town (I guess he knows the exact time of day that he was born !).  Thanks for the update, Denis.

(2)  Months ago (sorry to admit), Bud Conklin sent us a YouTube link that many of us who grew up in New Jersey in the '50s and '60s would really enjoy.  This fascinating tourism promo video was made in 1960 but was only re-discovered in 2008 by Peter J Smith, Director of the Seaside Heights Office of Public Relations.  As you'll see, it's all about FUN in the SUN at "Seaside Heights".  It's quite dated in its presentation, but is really a fun video. Brings back memories !!  The website address is:

(3)  Also months ago, our classmate Loretta (Walsh) Scott sent to us an internet link for a really FASCINATING video tour of the inside of the International Space Station (ISS), conducted by one of the women astronauts.  It's amazing;  REALLY amazing !!  You can enjoy the show by going to:     A belated "Thanks, Loretta !"

(4)  We've updated Bud Conklin's Profile page, to include wonderful news of his amazing cancer survival story.  Please take a look at his story, and the video he put together for the Cancer Center that helped him through it all:
It's a powerful story; 
and Bud has said that if any of our classmates are diagnosed with prostate cancer and would like to talk with him about it, he'd be happy to have them contact him ---  Bud's email address is: .

(5)  Romy Biancardi has a number of Show Performance photos on his Facebook page, for those who might be interested in seeing how our "Sakini" is doing at the tender ago of 71......!!  Look for Romy's Facebook page (search "Ron Biancardi") and then ask to become a "Friend";  Romy can then reply, and you'll be in touch!  Go for it!

February 2014

(1)   Bud Conklin informed us that we recently lost our friend Dick Heddy to a heart attack.  This is such sad news for many of us to hear.  Dick went through grammer school with the Waldwick gang but was one year behind us after 8th grade.  He played football for a couple of years, and is in some the "vintage photos" on our website.  Our sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

(2)  Nancy (Greif) Schindel let us know that her husband, Ralph, passed away in August, 2013.  He had been diagnosed with advanced leukemia only in April, 2013, about five months earlier; he was treated in hospitals in Kansas City.  Ralph's son, Jeff, and his wife came down from Wisconsin to help Nancy take care of Ralph, but Ralph passed away before they could move him to a care-home in Wisconsin.  The stress led to Nancy having heart difficulties and open-heart surgery in October 2013, from which she is recovering nicely.  Nancy has now moved back to Wisconsin, to live with her son and daughter-in-law.  We are so sorry for your loss, Nancy.  God's Peace be with you in these difficult days and months..................

(3)   Paul Ripka says he is now "fully retired", as of January.  Only missed his retirement goal by one year.  CONGRATULATIONS, PAUL, and may you have many happy days on the golf course, in your dance classes, and aboard cruise ships !!


28 NOVEMBER:   In a note from Marie (Struck) Peiter, she wanted us to know that -- if you enjoy Facebook -- there is a page you might find interesting, entitled:  "You Know You're From Midland Park When........"   There are a lot of fun memories to be found there.
(Thanks, Marie, for giving us this Facebook "heads up").   :=)

24 NOVEMBER:  Jim Cooper just informed us that Coach "Sonny" Santorine passed away this morning.  It's hard to hear sad news like that.......... What a powerful influence he had on us students in the Class of 1961..................

05 March 2013

Once again we are all saddend to learn that another of our classmates has passed away -- Richard Elsasser.  Today this was relayed to me by Ken Miller and by Jim Cooper.  We express our sympathy to Rich's wife, Susan, at this tremendous loss.  For those who might care to do so, you might write to Susan at:   560 Berea Rd., Montgomery, NY  12549

There is a story about Rich at;  you can read this obituary on-line at:

23 Nov 2012

(1)  We are saddened to learn of the death of yet another one of our classmates.  Alynne "Jonnie" Nesslein passed away on the 15th of this month, at her home in Laceyville, Pennsylvania.  The full published Obituary (from the Towanda [PA] Daily News) has been posted inside the Profile section of Alynne's "Classmate Profile" page.  Please take a moment to read that Obituary.  (Thank you, Ann Eichhorn, for bringing this news to our attention).

(2)  It's hard to admit, but we are an aging class, and -- sadly -- we've lost at least 22 members of our Class of 1961.  What we know about each is shown on this website (see the "IN MEMORIAM" Tab).  Unfortunately, little or no information has been provided to us about how (or even when) these classmates died.  We would greatly appreciate the help of any of you who might have more information about the deaths of these classmates.

16 November 2012

Due to limited number of "pages" on this website, the "Classmate Profiles" have been reposted at two classmates per page.  In this way, ALL of the members of the MPHS Class of 1961 now have a profile page on this website.  Please go to the "Classmate Profiles" TAB, and look at the 72 new pages --  and PLEASE consider updating YOUR profile page.  Send info and photos to Dave Kay (see "Contact Info" TAB).

31  OCTOBER 2012

20-YEAR CLASS REUNION PHOTOS:  A lot of new photos have been added to the 20-year Reunion page (see TAB at left).  THANK YOU for sending these photos for publication.  Great memories of a number of classmates who are no longer with us.  (I apologize, however, that -- due to a computer crash a couple of months ago -- I seem to have lost the names of those who sent these photos to me).  PLEASE HELP US ALL BY CHECKING THE NAMES OF CLASSMATES IDENTIFIED IN THE 20-YR REUNION PHOTOS --  ARE THEY CORRECT ??  ANY ADDITIONS / CORRECTIONS ??  THANK YOU !!


20  SEPTEMBER 2012


And, after five months away from the website, this is to let you know that our website is being updated again for your reading and viewing pleasure.  Please note the following:

1 -  PAUL RIPKA has gone into "semi-retirement" (he says), and has moved back to New Jersey (Whiting/ Manchester, in Ocean County), not too far from the Jersey shore.  Full retirement in Jan 2013??  We've updated Paul's profile page with a new photo, and listed his new contact information (street address, telephone number).  Please check it out under the "CLASSMATE PROFILE UPDATES" TAB (at left).

2-  The "1961-THE YEAR THAT WAS" page has also been updated and expanded --  more photos, more news headlines, etc.  1961 was an incredible year in America and the world --  jog your memories by reviewing what happened the year we graduated high school ! 

24 JULY 2012
Thanks to Bud Conklin, who let us know that the police chief overseeing the investigation into the Colorado movie theater mass shooting case grew up in Midland Park, NJ.  You can read the story on the internet at the following website address: Police_chief_overseeing_Colorado_movie_theater_shooting_case_grew_up_in_Midland_Park.html

Thanks for the information, Bud !

JUNE 2012
For those who knew him, Frank McGrogan recently lost his wife, Gloria Backmansky McGrogan, after her long fight with cancer.  Frank was one grade behind us, in the MPHS Class of '62;  Gloria was also a member of the MPHS Class of '62.  Some of you might remember Frank as being one of the better football players at MPHS.  (Thank you, Dick Eldridge, for bringing this news to our attention)

20  APRIL 2012
1-  We've added a new bio sketch for FRED WENZ -- who has overcome a major handicap in his life,  in order to send in his personal info.  Check it out under the 'Classmate Profiles Updates' page (at left).

    2-  Who did THAT !!!   Ever wonder which of our classmates has raised Paso Fino horses?  Or likes to Skydive?

....has crashed down mountain-sides in competition snow ski races?  ......has walked on the Great Wall of China?  ....has trained with the FBI?  These TIDBITS and LOTS MORE, are yours to enjoy under the  "PANTHER   PRATTLE  &  Tidbits"  page --  it's fun !

22  MARCH 2012
New Waldwick Elementary Classroom photos sent in by Jim Cooper, including another Kindergarten Classroom, and another Eighth Grade homeroom.  Jim provided the names of many of the classmates shown in those old photos, but WE NEED YOUR HELP IN IDENTIFYING THE OTHERS.  Enjoy these new photos, and please check your memory banks and see if you can remember the namesw of these other classmates.
Again, THANKS, Jim, for sending these "new" photos !!

And how about the 'PANTHER PRATTLE (and Tidbits)" page?  Some new tidbits from Joan Duby Simpson have been added by our world traveler..............

12  MARCH 2012
(1)  Liz Dowling (Warren Farrell's spouse) provided MANY of the photos you see in the 50-yr reunion pages --  from Friday through Sunday morning.  For those who may not be aware, Liz also prepared a video a few months ago that she created with the MPHS photos she shot.  It's a great way to remember the 50-yr reunion events, the fun we had and the friendships we renewed.  PLEASE check the video out at the following link (you'll need to copy it and paste it into your web browser).  THANKS SO MUCH, LIZ, FOR ALL YOUR EFFORTS !!!

(2)  NEW SECTION TABS FOR EACH OF OUR CLASS REUNIONS !!! --  10-, 20-, 30- AND 50-YEAR REUNIONS.   However, we have no photos or stories from the 10-year Reunion in 1971.  And --  was there a 40th ???  Please help us by sending copies of any photos from ANY of our reunions, that you do not see already posted on this website.  THANK YOU !!

08  MARCH 2012
Our website has been updated again.  (1)  Joan Duby Simpson sent us a number of new photos, which have been added to the 50th Reunion section, including two new photos in the Saturday Waldwick picnic section;  one in the MP school tour section; and photos of the Reunion Cake in the Saturday Sock Hop dinner section.  THANK YOU, JOAN !!    (2) Ken Miller sent a couple of great photos to update his Profile page.  Thanks, Ken !   and (3) Dave Kay updated his profile with a couple of new pics from his recent trip to California.

ALSO:  now there is a NEW SECTION TAB  FOR THE 30-YR CLASS REUNIONJoan Duby Simpson sent us several photos to start that new TAB section on this website.   CHECK IT OUT !!   Anyone else have photos and stories from that reunion you'd care to share with the rest of us??

31  DECEMBER 2011
Just learned that Tammy Murphy Wilson and her husband have moved, and are now living on Winnemissett Oaks Drive in Deland, Florida.  Enjoy the warm weather, Tammy !


29  DECEMBER 2011

Several new updates are now on our website.


John Zacco has informed us that, as of February 2012, he and Janet will have moved to a new home on Amy Court in Lakewood, NJ.  Best wishes to you, John and Janet !


      (a)  Denis Nadas sent us a new family Christmas photo;  see it at the end of his Updated Profile page;

      (b)  Dave Kay has posted a new Christmas photo;  see it at the end of his Updated Profile page;

      (c)  Nancy Greiff Schindel recently sent two photos of herself with Ruth Harrison Henry  (including a new picture of Nancy & Ralph's fabulous 1949 Mercury !! ), both photos taken this past Labor Day at Ruth's home just before our class reunion.  You can see these photos at the end of both Nancy's and Ruth's Updated Profile pages.

      (d)  Bud Conklin recently sent in a link to another YouTube video
"I took this video at Vinny Piscitello's house.  Vinny was demonstrating how he makes his homemade mozzarella.  Thought it would be a fun video for the gang to see."  You can see this video by copying and pasting the following link onto your computer :

     (e)  Lillian (Hanas) Goldstein  also recently sent more photos of our reunion events;  several of her photos have now been added to the REUNION photos tab.

     (f)  Some new photos have been added to those in the VINTAGE PHOTOS Tab (above) -- 

3.  NEW SECTION TAB:  We've added a new TAB for the 20-year Class reunion in 1982 !!  Many of the posted photos from that event were taken by Pat (Stark) Palmer.  Check 'em out !

4. NEWS UPDATE from Dan Kay:
After our reunion was done, and all the expenses finalized and paid, we had some funds left over.  One excellent outlet for those funds, suggested by Vinny and Kathy Piscitello, was the Midland Park Public Education Foundation (MPPEF), in which Kathy has been closely involved. It is truly an excellent organization to receive our extra funds.  So, that is what has been done!  A gift from our class of $1,000 (representing the balance of funds in our reunion checking account, plus some extra added in to make it a nice round number), was given to the MPPEF, and a letter was recently received from them thanking us all for that gift.  All of you who participated in the reunion have shared in this gift!   So thank you to you all! "



18  NOVEMBER 2011

Brace yourself for some neat "home movies" !!  Jim Cooper has posted several home videos on YouTube for our Class of '61 to enjoy.  Listed below are a couple YouTube webpages for you to check out (to view, you'll need to copy and paste these web addresses into your browser --  they are NOT hyperlinked to this page......... sorry 'bout that ).

This video was taken at the Piscitello's house in 2007.  It's 3 min, 11 seconds long;  in it you'll see Lillian Hanas, Rick Freund (formerly McGlaughlin) and his brother Bill, Vinny Piscitello, Peggy Williams Zimmerman, Jim Fells, Betty Nagelhout, and Dick Eldridge, among others.

Jim took this video in North Carolina (Outer Banks = OBX) in Sept 2007 (4 min 54 sec)


Barbara Eldridge and Jim kayaking in the bay at OBX, where they discovered a small island with 2 wild horses on it. The island was all of 40 feet in diameter;  the horses had waded in 2 feet of water to get there.

03  NOVEMBER 2011

(1)  Lots more photos just posted under the "2011 Reunion" tab.  Check 'em out and enjoy the memories !

(2)  Dave Kay's home mailing address has changed;  please check "Contact Information" tab if you have photos or documents to send for posting on our Class of '61 website.  Dave will copy and then return what you send.  Thanks!

29  OCTOBER 2011

REUNION PHOTOS:    LOTS of new photos on the 2011 Reunion part of our website, thanks to Liz Dowling (Warren Farrell's spouse), who sent a CD filled with photos she took at the several reunion events.  More of her terrific photos will be posted in the days ahead.  THANK YOU, LIZ, FOR YOUR GREAT PHOTOGRAPHIC EYE !!  Liz also has posted on the internet a video montage of photos from our reunion;  you can see this great video at the following website address:

16  OCTOBER 2011

appears to have hijacked Donna Fiori's "" email address (dfiori44 @), and is now sending out spam/fraud/explicit emails to some members of our Class of '61.  This has been going on for several weeks now.  If you receive a bizzarre email from "DONNA FIORI" at, do NOT click on any "links" shown in the body of those emails, as this could start major problems for you and your computer.   Donna has contacted me by email to say that she is now aware of this problem, and we are trying to get it resolved soon.  In the meantime, be aware that it is NOT Donna sending you these crude and explicit emails, but a criminal spammer who would also like to trap you, too, if you click on any of the links inside.  Just be careful with the internet these days!  Thanks !! (NOTE:  this has NOT affected this website ---  the "YouTube" links posted below are NOT linked to the internet, so, you will have to "copy & paste" the URL links in order to see the videos.)

14  OCTOBER 2011

In the "For What It's Worth" department, here's a YouTube link to a short video of David Kay in his "First Fashion Model Experience", as posted on YouTube in August 2008 by his wife, Sharon Kay.  Dave had been asked by Ron Rovito (owner of Rovito's Fine Mens Clothing Shoppe, Stroudsburg, PA) to be a "Runway Model" for a designer suit & tie in the 2008 Men & Women Fashion Show at Skytop Lodge -- a resort in the Pocono Mountains.  The crowd was large, but the music was weird for this part of show..........  Oh well.  Paris anyone??!?

11  OCTOBER 2011

Vinny Piscitello has shared with us a "YouTube" video --  just got the link this morning in an email.  Here's the link to the YouTube website, and the video entitled: "Piscitello's House--2007".  In the video you'll see Lillian Hanas, Rich (McGlaughlin) Freund, his brother Bill, Vinny, Peggy Williams Zimmerman, Jim Fells, and Dick Eldridge, among others.

05  OCTOBER 2011

(1)  LOTS OF NEW PHOTOS have come in from Bud Conklin, Jim Cooper, Ruth Harrison Henry, Bourgi Hoerner, and Joan Duby.  They'll be posted in the next several days under a NEW WEBSITE TAB (above):  "VINTAGE and MISC PHOTOS of our CLASSMATES".

(2)  Also, Warren Farrell has provided us with 15 Intriguing Thoughts about Men, Women and Relationships !! This is what he would have shared with us if time had permitted at our Reunion dinner.  CHECK IT OUT at the end of the "PROFILE" section on Warren Farrell's page (under "Updated Classmate...." Tab).  It's fascinating !!  Do you agree or disagree with Warren's perspectives?  Let him know.

(3)  More old classroom photos (Midland Park) have also been posted  --  check 'em out.

29  SEPTEMBER 2011

As a class, we should be aware of the efforts of the Midland Park Public Education Foundation (MPPEF), on which Kathy Piscatello (wife of classmate, Vinny Piscatello) serves.  The Foundation is an all-volunteer not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization whose goal is to enhance and support new curriculum initiatives and enrichment opportunities within Midland Park's public school system.  They do this by raising money to fund grants that will strengthen our school system, bringing academic excellence to all Midland Park children.  For more information, visit the MPPEF website at --  and THANK YOU, Vinny and Kathy, for your service to the Midland Park Community !

Septemer 2011

Dan Kay just received a wonderful letter from The Children's Love Fund in Midland Park, to whom Vinny and Kathy Piscitello brought all the extra food from our Saturday night MarketBasket reunion-dinner.  There was enough food for seven families to enjoy!  How wonderful !!
A BIG thank you to Vinny and Kathy for their willingness to work with the Children's Fund there in MP, and to transport all that left-over food to the folks at the Children's Love Fund so it could be given to families in need.   Here's a copy of the Letter sent to Dan by the Children's Love Fund: