Below are photos from the several events of this 50th-Year Reunion........

Thanks to each of you who sent us photos from those weekend events in Midland Park, Waldwick and Mahwah.
Keep sending them in !

"BEFORE and AFTER" section:

1.  Our 1961 Senior Class OfficersTHEN (1961) and NOW (2011)

(Left) 1961- Charlie Clifford (VP), Dan Kay (Treas), Chris Paolillo (Sect'y), Jost Nickelsberg Pres); 
(Right) 2011 - Same officers, still looking good !!

2.  Some of our 1961 Senior Baseball LettermanTHEN (1961) and NOW (2011)

(Left)  1961 - Back row: Dan Kay, Dave Kay, Dennis Streelman;  Front row: Charlie Clifford, Jost Nickelsberg;
(Right) 2011 - Back row: 
Jost Nickelsberg, Charlie Clifford;  Front row: Dave Kay, Dan Kay --- "Let's Play Ball !!"


FRIDAY NIGHT -- at the NY Steakhouse, inside the Doubletree Hotel on Rt 17S in Mahwah 
(Thanks to Denis Nadas for these pictures!)

Left photo:  L-R:  Dave & Sharon Kay;  Kathy & Dan Kay...........                                       Right Photo:  L-R:  Ron Moore, Loretta Walsh, Charlie Clifford


Left photo (L-R):  Carol Smith Miccinelli; Pat Rizzuto, Nancy Greiff Schindel (and husband Ralph), Barb Chilson Rizzuto (front), and Tammy Murphy Wilson.
                    Right Photo (L-R):  Romy Biancardi, Lynne Merboth Chevres-Smith; MaryAnn Wierdo Vetreno; Tammy Murphy Wilson; Joan Duby Simpson, Ted Morley.

Left Photo (L-R):  Bourgi Hoerner, Jost Nickelsberg; Doris Morel, Paul Ripka, Dick Eldridge.    Right Photo (L-R): Barb Chilson Rizzuto; Bourgi Hoerner; Mary Anne Wierdo Vetreno.

L-R:  Charlie Clifford, Pat Rizzuto, Ted Morley, Tony Laudato, Ken Miller, Dave Kay

SATURDAY MORNING -- 10 AM:  we first toured the High School (very significantly remodeled since WE were there !!), and then took school bus (or our cars) down to the Highland Ave Elementary School for our second tour.
(Thanks to Liz Dowling and to Denis Nadas for these pictures)


Left: Entering auditorium; Dan Kay pointing out what to do.    Center:  Charlie and Jost recognize each other;     Right:  "Please find your seats, everyone !"


Front (L-R)Lynne, Tammy, Joan, Bourgi, Pat, Jost, Charlie;  2nd Row:  Tom, Mary Anne, Jim, Betty, Ken, Bud, George, Warren;  3rd row:  Nancy, Loretta, Ron, Orrie, Bev;
4th row:  Denis, Paul, Jeannine, Lillian, John;   Back row:  Romy, Dan, Frank, Dave

George Linnartz and Warren Farrell, talking with Bud Conklin (at far left);        Right photo:  Dave Kay and Warren, caught in Liz' lens........














AND THEN WE TOOK THE BUS (OR DROVE OUR CARS) DOWN TO THE HIGHLAND AVENUE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR OUR SECOND BUILDING TOUR...........  (compare THIS picture with our 8th grade photo [see under School Photos Tab], standing on these SAME steps)  :=)

   Front Row (L-R):  Paul Ripka, Pat Rizzuto, Bourgi Hoerner, Bev Campbell Calabrese, Lillian Hanas Goldstein, Jim Fells
      2nd Row (L-R):  Tom Smith, Orrie Smith, Dan Kay, Dave Kay, Nancy Greiff Schindel
         Back Row (L-R):  Jost Nickelsberg, Charlie Clifford, John Pyle

Left photo:   The Music Rm in Highland school lowest (basement) level  -- converted from the old gym we knew in the '50s.
Right photo:  the new Highland Elementary School gym addition --  are ceilings high enough for the grade school kids?


The back-of-school softball field is hardly changed --  just as memorable as it was in the '50s.  The stone "bleachers" still there........

SATURDAY AFTERNOON -- in the Waldwick City Park

(Thanks so much to Denis Nadas and to Liz Dowling for these pictures)

Left:  Gail Farrell (Warren's sister, Class of '63), Warren, and spouse Liz Dowling.    Right photo:  Charlie Clifford and Jost Nickelsberg

Left:  Warren Farrell and Charlie Clifford;   while at right:  Joan Duby Simpson, Dottie Spinweber Snarkey and Judy Boyko Imperial share memories and smiles......

Left: Dan Kay throwing something, at somebody.......        Right: Ted Morley and Hisayo Cronk observing, while Len Cronk makes a point with Liz Dowling

Left photo:  Lynne, Charlie and Jost enjoying the moment........

SATURDAY EVENING -- The "Sock-Hop" at the Midland Park Firehouse

(Thanks to Denis Nadas and to Liz Dowling for these many pictures)

In the entry to the Firehouse hall, two tables: commemorating our classmates who have passed away;

..... the second table with posters (below left) from our great Senior Play
;   and  (below right) the disc-jockey table decor... !!

Below left:  In the afternoon, setting up the Firehouse Hall for the evening "Sock-Hop"...........................

                                                                                      ........................... and (at right) OUR EVENING "SOCK HOP" PROGRAM, given to all attendees

L-R:  Frank, Lynne & Tammy, Pat, Bourgi, Jeannine, Ron, Betty, Jim and Paul.

At Right:  the big beautiful Reunion cakes, before being attacked after dinner...........

At left:  The fascinating "Reunion Bricks" prepared by Mary Anne Vetreno et al.,  for each of the tables......AND  little green "bubble bottles"....  NICE TOUCH !!


Then, at about 7:00 PM, the festivities began ........

LEFT:   Dan Kay, Mary Anne Vetreno and Frank Kingsland testing the microphone system; 
RIGHT:   Dan Kay & Romy Biancardi leading us in singing our MPHS "Alma Mater";

Left Photo:  Just before dinner,  Pete Portley gave a "Class Toast";    and then 
(Right) :  Frank Kingsland  ( our "DJ" for the evening ) led us in Prayer.


(Left):  David and Sharon Kay enjoying Clos du Bois Cabernet;      and at right:  conversing with Bonnie & Joe Millington


Left:  Mary Anne surprised by the cake-icing on Jost's nose........    while (at right): the REST of our Reunion Cake !!

THEN, AFTER DINNER............. MORE FUN...........!!

Left:  Len Cronk at the Podium as the evening program's "M.C."

...........................followed (at right) by Pat Rizzuto at the podium, handing out his unique and observant "Best" awards !!

Left: The "Least Changed in Appearance" award went to Mary Anne and Betty -  you two are amazing !!
Right: The "Best Restored Antique Car" award went to Nancy Greiff Schindel and hubby Ralph - that 1949 Mercury is one gorgeous automobile !!!

(Left):   John Zacco winning the coveted "Whitest Hair" award;  ......and (Right): Jim Fells wondering if the votes were rigged...

Warren Farrell then took the podium to share with us a number of intriguing thoughts about Men, Women, and Relationships.
(Warren is one WISE and insightful man!  There's a more-detailed summary of his comments at the bottom of his "Profile Page" -- please check it out !!)


After Warren came Dave Kay, who gave us an on-screen presention of our SPLASHY new "MPHS1961" website.
A bit hoarse from shouting to be heard, he was asked to yield the floor to some OTHER "splashing"..............


These were the women of: "Splish Slash, I'm takin' a Bath"  !!  Impressive !  Only to be joined later by.....

.............................................. Oooops:  Jost and Joan dancin' in the "bath" together......!!

Then came our Cheerleaders, and cries of   "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y-----    V-I-C-T-O-R-Y------- etc? "

Our DJ (Frank) then rolled into action, with dance music from the 50's and 60's ......... !!!


Left: Joan and Joe laugh it up, while Mary Anne and Paul move past;                                At right: Paul and Lynne moving with the beat.......

Left:  Doris swinging with Frank and Faye Kingsland;                                    Right:  Ken and George yukkin' it up...... :=)


Tender moments:   At Left, Liz captured Jost and Lillian as they danced;                  and, at right:  Ted and Bourgi sharing a kiss.

Left: Ted Morley & Bourgi Hoerner.              At Right, our cheerleaders:  Loretta, Chris, Lillian, Bourgi and Carol.






Left:  classmate hugs:  Jeannine, Bud, and Chris.                                                    ..........while at right:  Warren and Judy sharing an idea........


Left:  Smiles from Jim, Betty, Bud and Chris.                        At right:    enjoying the entertainment

Left: Denis Nadas with two of our teachers - Steve Wukovitz & Dave Van Duren;              while at right: Thunder Haas and Pete Portley



All smiles from John & Joanne Pyle (left);              .................and from Warren Farrell & Liz Dowling (who did MUCH of the photographic work here)

Left:  Jeannine, Barb, Dottie, and Pat;              ............................................................and at Right: Diane & husband Steve (our former Physics teacher).

Left:   Chris and Betty pose for Liz' camera;                       .....................................At right: 

Left:  John and Warren with our former teacher, Thunder Haas;                                      At right:  Joe Millington and Tom Smith reminisce

Former teacher, David Van Duren (left) and Denis Nadas share a moment; right:  Charlie Clifford and our former Coach Turi catching up....

Left: Dottie Spinweber Snarkey and friend Gil Lawrence in back, with Vinny (up front) posing for camera.         At right:  Carolyn Rinker Steller, and June Russell Langfor

SUNDAY MORNING BRUNCH -- at the Mahwah Bar and Grill on Rt 202




Lynne (Merboth) and Nancy (Brandstadter)

We are delighted that Liz Dowling (Warren Farrell's wife) made a video montage of many of these photos,
and has posted that video on the internet at:

Thank you, Liz !!